10 Tips!! Sell Your Home Quickly!!

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Published on March 19, 2021

10 Tips!! Sell Your Home Quickly!!

Clients have asked me over the years what they could do to get their homes sold quickly. I would sit down with them and discuss some things that they could do on their own that would make their home more attractive to potential buyers with the least amount of expense. With television shows being what they are now, with shows like Fixer Upper, Property Brothers, and so on, people became more knowledgeable and educated on how to do some of these things on their own and save money too. With the help of YouTube videos on how-to, and DIY projects at their fingertips, that gave homeowners the tools they needed to get these projects done. 

 I met with a seller a few days ago and he asked me that same question, ” what should I do to get my house ready to sell?”  So, the lightbulb went off in my head, and I thought this would be a great video to share with other people who may be selling their homes to. 

 With Team Carbonell at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, we are always striving to give as much information to our clients so they are prepared for the selling process. Selling a home is a team effort with the homeowners and the realtor both doing their part to prepare the home in its best possible light to enhance any special features of the home and of the surrounding neighborhood.  

  1. Choose your real estate agent wisely. Someone who has knowledge of the area and you can trust. Someone who is honest and tells you what you need to do and not just what you want to hear. Someone who has done their homework and can give you an evaluation of your home and homes that sold in your neighborhood so you are aware of the value and pricing structure and how it was derived. 
  1. Get professional photos. How your home is displayed to potential buyers online can make them schedule an appointment to see your home, or pass it by if the photos don’t look good. 
  1. Price your home right. Make sure you see comps on other homes that sold nearby with similar size, bedrooms, etc. Pricing the home over what it should sell for brings in less traffic and less offers. Price your home 10 % below what it should sell for can bring many viewers and more potential offers. 
  1. Take out the clutter. Walking into a home with lots of furniture, tons of pictures on the wall, closets packed, packed kitchen cupboards, and counters makes the home look smaller and not as appealing. Take everything off the kitchen counters unless they are toasters, microwaves, or flowers. Remove about of 1/2 of the items in your pantry and closets to make them appear larger. Remember less is more. 
  1. Take your personal items down. Remove your family photos to allow the buyer to see themselves in the home. Keep accessories that are neutral and as a decorative and nothing with your name, or where you went to school. Remove valuables, or any weapons from the home if selling. 
  1. Clean your home thoroughly. Kitchens and baths are often the 2 areas that build up dirt and buyers look at in greater detail. Make sure windows are cleaned and draperies are washed. Take the white glove test. Make sure your oven is cleaned and all appliances as well as tubs etc. Shampoo carpeting if it is dirty. 
  1. Make sure the home smells nice. If you have pets it is extremely important to clean litter boxes, doggy beds. If you cook with strong flavors, use fans and use plug ins, or scented candles so the home smells fresh. Bake cookies if you are having an open house. The smell of baked cookies makes you feel at home. 
  1. Repair any items that you are aware of so that when the inspection is done those won’t come up. Paint touch up where needed and don’t forget about the outside too, and front door. If the carpeting is beat up, replace. For kitchens that are older, replace hardware, paint, and do a simple backsplash to make it look better. 
  1. Stage your home with fresh flowers, scented candles, set your dining room table to add interest. For homes with pools, place floating accessories, or candles. 
  1. Add Curb Appeal. The first impression potential buyers have is the outside of your home. Replace old grass, flowers, bushes, mulch to refresh the home. Pressure wash the outside of the home and driveway to make it look new. 

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