DIYs for instant impact in your garden

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Published on June 8, 2022

DIYs for instant impact in your garden

Passionate gardeners wait month after dreary month for spring. But poring over seed and plant catalogs, on and offline, can only help so much.

Now that spring is in full swing, the soil is warm, the temperatures are climbing, it’s definitely time to celebrate your garden.

Today, however, we’ll take a look at some non-plant ideas to consider for your landscaping. Known as “hardscaping,” it can completely (unlike plants that take time to grow to maturity) transform your garden instantly.

Adding hardscaping to your garden can not only be a cheap way to make a statement, but present a creative outlet as well.

Create curiosity with a pathway

Where does it lead? What will I see along the way? These are just two of the questions we subconsciously ask ourselves when we see a pathway.

You don’t have to bust your landscaping budget, however. Pathways can be created from items you may have lying around the home, including wood, pebbles, sand, gravel and mulch. Find cheap pathway ideas online at

If you prefer pavers, “Bluestone, granite, limestone and slate are all popular choices,” according to Jeannie Matteucci at

Add creative lighting

Consider lighting for your new pathway, as a spotlight on a feature planting, on the patio, strung from a fence or one of the many ideas you’ll find online at

Oh, and for a really easy DIY solution, check out solar-powered landscape lighting.

Install a water feature

“Sounds like birdsong and flowing water may alleviate stress, help lower blood pressure and lead to feelings of tranquility,” claims Brian Handwerk, science correspondent with

What better way to achieve these benefits than in your own backyard? Water features to consider include a birdbath with a fountain, a waterfall, DIY vases and urns turned into bubblers and more. Check out additional ideas (including links to DIY instructions) at

Separate the lawn from landscape plants

Sometimes, hidden garden edging isn’t enough. If you have a particularly striking tree or other plant in the landscape, consider adding edging around it.

Whether you choose a circle, square or freeform shape, materials for the edging can range from bricks, rocks, ready-made short fences in metal, wood, bamboo and more.

Get DIY tips and inspiration on and

Plant vines on a trellis or arbor

Although the trellis and/or arbor are the workhorses of the garden, they can be as attractive as they are functional.

If what you’ll grow on them will cover the structure, the arbor or trellis’ beauty isn’t a consideration. Get DIY tips for these online at

If functional and gorgeous is your aim, check out these beauties at

Garden décor

Patios are the perfect place for garden décor, but do consider letting it spill out onto the backyard as well.

  • Statuary
  • Decorative wind chimes
  • Wall art
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