Easy spring home maintenance chores

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Published on March 28, 2023

Easy spring home maintenance chores

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Remember when you bought that house and all the “stuff” that comes along with owning it? I promised to be with you every step of the way, both before and after the sale, and here I am, nagging you to keep up your investment. You’ll thank me later.

Believe it or not, someday you will sell this home and my hope for you is that it’s in pristine condition so you get top dollar for it.

To that aim, take a look at some of these easy spring home maintenance chores that will help you keep your home in peak condition. Chip away at them over the course of the season and I promise, you’ll be glad you did.

Is it hot in here?

It will be soon, so change the filter in the HVAC system before firing up the air conditioner for the season. In fact, the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors recommends that you have the system inspected once a year.

If you smoke, have pets or if you suffer from allergies, plan on changing the HVAC filters monthly.

Dirty HVAC filter

If it slides, lubricate it

Windows, sliding glass doors and anything on hinges can use a squirt of lubricant at least once a year. Get out the WD-40 or whatever else you have on hand and get going.

Be sure to clean the tracks and window frames before applying the lubricant. Wipe them down with a cloth to remove the loose gunk and then use the vacuum to get the rest.

A solution of vinegar and water (hot water is best) is good to clean up mildew or heavy grime buildup. Use a clean damp cloth to rinse of the solution and then a towel to dry everything.

Now you can spray the lubricant. If you have vinyl windows, be careful. Avoid getting the lubricant directly on the window because it may leave a mark.

You can not only get the interior of the house squeak-free and moving without struggle, but probably the shed and garage as well, in less than 20 minutes.

Gutters get really gross over the winter

Caked on gunk in the gutters can be hard to remove so water it down and use a trowel to scoop it out. Then, use the hose to run water through the gutters to ensure there aren’t any leaks and that the downspouts aren’t clogged.

If you have a tree that loves to drop the leaves into the gutter every fall, consider covering said gutters with wire mesh. It just might save you from having to do the cleaning routine again next spring.

Dirty roof gutters on a home

How’s the deck looking?

If you spend a lot of time on the deck during summer, don’t neglect this tip. Take a minute or two to inspect the boards and if any are cracked or curling remove them and replace with new ones.

Then, go underneath the deck to check that the supports are in good shape and there aren’t any missing nails or screws. If you see signs of pest damage you’ll need to call a pest control professional to ensure the deck is still sound.

When was the last time you

Drained your water heater? I know, it’s a tedious and thankless job. But if you’ve ever had a water heater fail and leak all over the garage you’ll understand that these beasts need maintenance as well.

Sediment settles in the bottom of the tank. While one- or two-years’ worth may not be an issue, if you let it go for too long it will build up and can result in a loss of heat to the water and maybe even clog the drain line (therein lies the real danger).

You’ll find a handy video walk-through for the process online at Today’s Homeowner.

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