Rent To Own your Dream Home

What Is a…
______________Rent To Own Home?

Making homeownership accessible to everyone!!

Min Requirements:

  • $0 Application fee
  • Minimum 550 FICO
  • $40,000+ from 2 co-buyers
  • Continuously employed at least 6 months
  • Proof of $2,000 in the bank
  • No bankruptcy or eviction in the past 12 months
  • Debt To Income ratio of up to 50%

Home Requirements:

  • Priced between $60-$450k*
  • * Purchase price varies by market
  • Single family or fee simple town-home
  • Cannot be a mobile or modular home
  • No structural, foundational or material issues
  • Move-in-ready!

A great new option on rent-to-own offering homebuyers an alternative form of normal financing so they can get into a new home today, even if they don’t qualify for a mortgage or have money saved up for a down payment.

In a nutshell:

  • Apply in minutes!
  • It’s fast, and won’t impact your credit score.
  • Once you qualify and submit proof of financials.
  • Receive a home budget and start shopping.
  • Choose your preferred Orlando nieghborhood, and home.
  • You get to pick the home, and our partners will buy it for you.
  • Rent while you prepare to buy.
  • Rent the home for upto 3 years.
  • Build your savings to be mortgage-ready.
  • Purchase the home.

Here is more info:

You the customer chooses the neighborhood, and home on the market, and our partner buys it on your behalf, with just 2% due upfront and monthly payments that cover rent and Home Savings. We take care of the negotiating, home inspection, closing fees, and most of the paperwork.

You the customer make it your own, enjoy the benefits of real homeownership from day one. While building equity in the home—you can feel free to paint the walls or hang up family photos!

You will continue to build towards your mortgage and purchase. Each month, make one monthly payment—of which ~75% is rent and ~25% goes into a “Home Savings” account that goes directly towards the future down payment and purchase of the home.

Buyback the home or walk away with savings! Once you are ready to buy back the home at any point, you use the savings to go towards future down payments or just walk away and we will cash you out (minus a 2% relisting fee).

Have more questions? Like to Discuss in detail? Ready to move forward? Let us know by filling out the contact info below, we will call you. Anna & Alex Carbonell